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We are glad to welcome you to ASA Europe, one of the world's most renowned hookah manufacturers. On this website you will find everything about our brands and products as well as our international companies. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact form. Our team is looking forward to hearing from you.

What we do

We are the manufacturer and distributor of hookah premium brands like Nargilem Professional, Ultimate Tobacco, Jeff`s Seven Elements, 5pipes Hookah Tobacco, Shiazo Steam Stones, Carbopol Charcoal and many more. On this website you will find our company profile as well as detailed information on all the products we manufacture and sell. If you are interested in our prices, please get in contact with us to get access to our price lists, catalogues and to our wholesale online shop.

Our brands

Ultimate Tobacco Pleasure in perfection.

Ultimate Tobacco is using some of the most advanced flavours for their range. Taste our 12 intense, long lasting flavours now!

Ultimate Tobacco

Babo Hookah

BABO Hookah Glass Ware. New

BABO rings the bell for the new age of hookah. With its modern glass body this product will surely attract attention, whether it's in a lounge or at home.

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Nargilem Professional


The sleek, refined Nargilem® design with its pure lines and elegant silhouette, has been imitated countless times. Still, our customers feel the difference and remain true to the unique quality statement of our items.

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Shiazo is more than a world novelty for shisha - it's its future! With Shiazo steam stones you can enjoy your shisha without tobacco and its side effects like nicotine or tar, but with the full taste experience and thick steam clouds.

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5pipes Hookah Tobacco

5pipes Tabak

All our flavours were selected personally by hookah enthusiasts just like you to make the finest creations you have ever tried. We do not use any dyes on our shisha to reduce chemical exposure to a minimum.

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Hookah Brothers

Hookah Brothers

With Hookah Brothers we introduced our first budget range of hookahs, specially designed for the general public and beginners. These entry-level hookahs are superb for their price tag and affordable to anyone.

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